We create socially and environmentally responsible outlets, avoiding damaging incineration. Our chemical and safety personnel have over 53 combined years of experience to professionally handle all types of chemistries.

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By-product Removal

Molex brings you value by purchasing your by-product, off grade, off spec or surplus materials. You can expect your chemicals to be rapidly purchased, safely stored and promptly shipped; freeing up valuable storage space. By keeping your inventory low and providing the cash flow needed we help your business run more efficiently. Tremendous benefits can be added by eliminating disposal fees and freeing time from unnecessary paperwork.

Custom Formulations

Molex works with a number of industries to provide value added chemicals at a significantly reduced cost. With developmental labs in Texas and Alabama we are constantly innovating to provide a reliable outlet for by-product, co-product and surplus chemicals.

Sample Delivery

Molex is ready to help with your product development. We will work with your technical group to pre-screen and evaluate materials before moving on to expensive end use testing. We provide samples and technical data upon request in as little as 1-2 business days.


Our extensive knowledge of domestic and international freight provides flexibility and piece of mind that comes with knowing your materials will be safely handled and transported. Let us coordinate your shipments door to door or simply pickup goods at any of our convenient locations. The highly experienced logistical customer service representatives at Molex work tirelessly on transportation operations to ensure on-time and safe deliveries. We can ship via tank truck, ISO tank, railcar, bulk ship hold, drum and IBC. We have extensive experience with import and export shipping.